While women's clothing orders and you can alter the
We want to tell Japan culture into daily creating new harmony.
Chest of drawers in kimono and Obi fabrics to remake the 吹ki込mimasenn new life?
Will be remade into new arts such as Japanese-style kimono fabric with bags and accessories, dresses.


[Mr. I.N]
And the design you would like me to talk to sangin
As well as advice to ride gently and carefully, in line will look refreshing to me to.
Is what you want, taking at least two favorites to now.
Your friends get compliments from Nice and, I'm happy.

[U.R guests]
Wanted to wear something with the kimono, Japan culture and interests, was made a clutch bag is nice!
Size A4 size so we carry anywhere! This is the only one back because every day good mood.

[Mr. E.M]
His daughter's marriage to wonyung House.
My father-in-law, to put away late when came out my wife's clothes, sangin, making cushions and table liners, died when was happy, even my mother-in-law live together at home in.
Father-in-law, discarded clothes of memories also died when revived memories of his wife's clothes, and I'm very happy.
Sangin's! Thank you very much.

[Like M.K]
Whats making the second bag used in range of the crane mother's nephew's wedding.
We mailed and arrived quickly. As soon as I opened the plump and packaging finish with Jin easy-going and friendly sincere heartfelt, very impressed.
We experience that revives old band is so beautiful I do again and again.
From the belt cushions and tapestries with matching pattern.
Full-length mirror and padded with a matching pattern.
Bags and notebook cover, pen put up in the meal.
Daily life is fun ".
Surrounded by a nice piece and happy. Thank you very much.
From this please thank you.

[N.K guests]
10Clothes you purchase you want to make more than a year ago, but some had intact.
Recently, customized with your favorite design perfect for the body!
Had been outgrown clothes you now enjoy the resurrection, get dressed.